"Betrayed is a must read as each of us can recognize a mother, sister, friend or colleague that has gone through similar circumstances. Martie's poignant snapshots of the turmoil her emotions went through are heart wrenching...yet written with such honesty that we're left wondering how we  never understood - never realized - what a woman is fighting through when faced with betrayal. Read this for all the women who are unable to articulate, who never let their hurt show, whose world has been torn apart and who hold all of these feelings in. Each of the choreographed stanzas walks us through pain, anger, resignation, and acceptance. You cry with Martie, yet cheer for her as she emerges."

- An Amazon Reviewer


This collection of poems will allow you a peek into the author's thoughts as she puts her feelings in writing.

You will share her struggle to cope with the devastating impact of infidelity within her marriage.

The reader will gain insight into her raw emotions with a fluidity and directness that will leave you no choice but to understand her journey.

This collection will remain on your mind and in your heart for some time to come.


A Sampling Of Poems From 'Betrayed'


It began with shock and disbelief,
Then turned to sobs and wrenching grief.

My tears would flow at just a thought,
My quests for ease were all for naught.

Grief changed to rage that ruled my days,
Engulfing most nights in a bitter haze.

As time marched on, my anger lessened.
Restful nights, brought dawns re-freshened.

Pain would come, and tears would flow,
Fear was constant and healing slow.

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