Martie, a self-proclaimed word-smith, is indeed a wizard with words.

Don't let the word "poetry" scare you off. There is no need for interpretation when reading her poems.

Her writing is direct, sometimes with a bluntness that drives home a point that cannot be avoided nor swept under the carpet.

You may find her writing musical; evoking deep feelings that may nudge you into a reality that causes you to look into your own mirror.

Embark on the odyssey her writing recounts; maybe you'll laugh,  maybe you'll shed a few tears, regardless of your reactions, you will recognize some of the pathways and some of the footprints that have been left behind.


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A Sampling Of Poems from 'A Crack In The Plaster'


I miss your wit and wisdom;
Your thoughtful, caring ways.
I miss your fine companionship,
As I wander through life’s maze.

A wedge was driven between us,
Propelled so deep by rage,
That a chasm was created,
Which time cannot assuage.

Too many words were spoken
Which were better left unsaid.
So many tales were bandied
That we could not move ahead.

We had no base to stand on,
Our marble turned to dust.
The past became a weapon
That diminished any trust!

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