I thought my life was a fairy tale,
I believed it was ideal.
I had no idea it was all a sham,
That nothing I had was real!

I didn’t know how you mocked me daily
Or how you laughed inside,
Whenever I spoke of our marriage,
And my overwhelming pride.

What a fool I was; what a scapegoat!
Now there’s a descriptive word!
I turned a blind eye to your actions
And believed just what I heard.

I believed when you said you loved me.
I believed when you said you were true.
I believed that you respected me;
I believed in us; in you.

Now my beliefs have all been shattered;
I struggle each day to survive.
To make a new life out of rubble;
To keep what’s left of my love alive.



This collection of poems will allow you a peek into the author's thoughts as she puts her feelings in writing. You will share her struggle to cope with the devastating impact of infidelity within her marriage. The reader will gain insight into her raw emotions with a fluidity and directness that will leave you no choice but to understand her journey.

This collection will remain on your mind and in your heart for some time to come. 


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